The Hope For Paws team were understandably alarmed when they received a report about two Poodles who had taken refuge in a sewer, of all places, and that previous attempts to re-home them had been unsuccessful. Thankfully, a volunteer decided to offer a much-needed pair of hands so that this rescue operation could be handled as smoothly as circumstances would allow it — it was, after all, a unique situation. Once they arrived at the location, they began by blocking all the exits, but that was only part of the problem — they still had to enter the sewer, collect both dogs without being bitten, and come back out.

Both rescuers were aware that they couldn’t possibly use conventional methods to lure either of the two dogs out of that huge underground space, and that they would have to do more before they could even begin using a snare. After sealing one of the holes on the other end to ensure the dogs wouldn’t be able to use it to escape, the rescuers drove to the other side so they could enter and hopefully trap the two Poodles. The lack of light and the vastness of the space meant it would be difficult to secure the poor creatures, but since their only escape had been sealed off, it was only a question of when.

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Finally, they were able to force the two Poodles into the wall where they had no choice but to stay put, but boy, did they bare their teeth to show the rescuers they were not thrilled. Thankfully, they still had the trusty cheeseburger and gentle snare with them, and they were able to put one on each dog’s neck, making it easier for them to pull at the dogs and get them out. By the time they had gotten out of the sewer, the two poor dear’s had relaxed, and getting them into the vehicle was a much more pleasant affair than what came before.

After getting a warm bath, a generous helping of dog food, and being dolled up, the difference was like night and day. Whereas only a few hours ago they bared their teeth at their rescuers, now they couldn’t stop giving them kisses.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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