Having flu is one of the worst things that anyone can ever go through. It’s such a terrible feeling that turns the jolliest of people to a grumpy old Grinch who want nothing to do with anyone. But sometimes, a furry friend can be the comforting soul that our own soul needs during these times.

It certainly is the case for one flu-ridden boy in New York. He turned to this dog brother, whom his parents rescued years before he was born. The comforting dog is Riddick, a pit bull who was abandoned by his previous owners in a horrible way — being thrown out of the car and left for dead.

Luckily he was saved by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. He was nursed back to health and put up for adoption once he was ready. This is where Bryan Junior and his wife saw Riddick. They immediately fell for him and adopted him right away. He blended well with his new family, and his new dog sibling, Cambria, another pit bull the Juniors have in their family.

A year after Riddick’s adoption, another family member was on the way; this was Dawson, the Juniors’ first child. As expected of the pit bulls, they were very gentle and protective of Dawson. A true testament to pit bulls being nanny dogs. Whenever Dawson would cry, the two pitties would rush to his room to investigate and made sure he is okay.

The two pups would sit with Bryan as he read Dawson his bedtime stories, and Dawson would kiss Riddick and Cambria good night. One day, Dawson had the flu. He was grumpy and felt horrible and just shunned anyone who tried to comfort him. Bryan was lost on how to make his son feel better.

Later on, Dawson climbed up to the ottoman where Riddick was lounging, laid next to him, and went to sleep. It turns out only Riddick was allowed to comfort him. Bryan was ever so grateful to have Riddick in their lives and it’s somehow his way of repaying their kindness when the Juniors adopted him.

Thanks to our friends over at The Dodo for sharing the original story.


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