Mindy Hayes lives with her family and a pack of dogs in Erie, Pennsylvania. Last year, she decided to bring home a rabbit named Sophie. Of course, she wanted all her pets to get along just fine, but she had to be careful introducing the new furry addition to the rest of the crew.

As dogs and rabbits don’t get along all the time, Hayes was hesitant at first to let Sophie be free. But she immediately realized that she didn’t have to worry about Sophie being with the dogs. Especially with Grace, the two-year-old Pitbull she rescued from a dog fighting arena.

“Their connection was instant,” said Hayes. “They sniffed each other and just blossomed after. They’re inseparable.”

Wherever Sophie hops, Gracie was just right behind. And before long, the friendly dog was already grooming her pal’s hair. They are even caught snuggling on the sofa every day.

“They can’t be apart. Grace constantly follows Sophie. They’d be on the couch and Grace would lick Sophie’s head to groom her. She’d be sopping wet if I don’t stop her.”

Although Grace is more than a year older, Sophie is still expected to grow a lot bigger. At 11 months, she already weighs about 10 pounds. And when she’s stretched out, there’s not much difference in their size.

And while those around the duo see nothing extra special with their friendship, many people are surprised with how close and sweet Grace and Sophie are to each other. “Grace was once used in dogfighting. She was left outside tied to a tree. Considering her past and how sweet and loving she is now, especially to Sophie, a bunny, it simply shows that these dogs aren’t bad. No dogs are.”

Photo Credits to Mindy Hayes via The Dodo

Seeing how the pair interact brings joy to the Hayes family. And obviously, the furry duo is as happy having one another.


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