Leo Downs was heartbroken when he lost Mellow, their family pet and his best friend. His parents didn’t want to get another dog just yet until they saw Nutty Buddy, an adoptable dog that looks exactly like Mellow. Leo was in for the best surprise this year!

Losing Leo’s best buddy

Mellow is Chris and Katie’s beloved pet. He’s been around for 13 years and has witnesses Katie become pregnant with Leo, the couple’s son. The dog immediately became the little boy’s trusty companion and best friend, and they were inseparable.

But things took a sad turn when Mellow passed away early this year. Leo was sad and heartbroken. The boy’s parents figured they might not get another dog very soon, but Leo didn’t like the idea. He wanted a new dog, and he’s been begging his parents about it.

Getting Nutty Buddy

The little boy didn’t know that his wish will be granted soon enough. Just as his mom was going through the Facebook posts of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, she spotted an adoptable puppy that’s the spitting image of Mellow. The dog named Nutty Buddy immediately caught her attention and the couple secretly decided to adopt it.

As soon as the adoption process was in place and the parents confirmed that they could take Nutty Buddy home, they went to the rescue center with Leo. What the little boy knew was that they were just dropping by some donations, but his parents had the secret upon their sleeves.

Leo was standing at the hallway when a staff carried Nutty Buddy towards him. When he realized the dog was his, Leo couldn’t believe his ears. He cried tears of joy repeatedly hugged his dad for reassurance. Yes, the dog is yours, Leo!

Watch Leo’s happy outburst below.

This family came in with donations after their family dog passed away. What they didn't tell their son was they also adopted a puppy and surprised him. Grab the kleenex! ❤️🥰😭

Posted by Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Sunday, February 3, 2019

And thanks to Stray Rescue of St. Louis for the video.



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