Lynn Barton had all the best intentions when she bought Christmas gifts for her four pet dogs. The toys which cost mere £1.99 each was a real bargain, and she thought the toys would be a treat for her pets.

After some days, a toy was missing, and her Labrador named Maddie was showing symptoms of illness. They had no idea why Maddie suddenly fell ill. She wasn’t eating so the family thought she was having some stomach problems.

While on a walk, Maddie started vomiting some plastic substances. They had Maddie examined by the vet, and X-ray tests showed that there was an obstruction in the dog’s intestines. She was in pain, so Lynn decided to have her operated on immediately.

After the operation, the vet showed them something which was taken from Maddie’s stomach. It was the plastic stuffing and other bits of plastic of the £1.99  toy that Lynn bought from the store as a gift to the pets. The doctor had to cut open the dog’s intestines to remove the bits of plastic blocking the organ.

Though Maddie was able to wake up after the surgery and stand a little, she developed some complications later on. Upon the advice of the veterinarian, Lynn and her family decided to just put Maddie to sleep to finally end to their pet’s suffering. The dog passed away with the whole family around her.

Lynn wants to send a message to dog owners to be careful in buying toys for their pet dogs. They should refrain from buying cheap toys particularly those with easy to swallow parts. As much as possible, they should also supervise their pets, especially when playing with plastic toys.

B&M, the toy manufacturer, said that their product is safe and that what happened to Maddie was an isolated incident. As stated on every package of every toy, customers should take off broken toys from pets, and supervise pets at all times.

Despite this, Lynn said that she would never again give cheap toys to her dogs. She is hoping that the company would take the toys off the shelves to keep other dogs from experiencing what Maddie went through.

Please watch the video below.

Source: Hot News Daily via Youtube



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