Life indeed becomes beautiful and rosy when spent in the company of people we love. For some, finding that particular person they could share a deep connection is but a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Humans already find it difficult enough to find that special friend, but is it possible for other species to do it?

One doggy couple was able to find their way to each other’s lives and establish that connection we crave. Meet Lottie and Grizzly, the Canadian furry couple who defined what friendship goals may mean for canines. These two remain inseparable and spend every moment together, always by each other’s side in everything they do.

Lottie’s owner, Taylor Duguay, shared that she adopted the Collie and worked on her to become a show dog. Just when Lottie celebrated her first birthday, Taylor decided to add another member to their family. That’s when Grizzly came into their lives.

Grizzly lived in the streets for the first seven weeks of his life. He had a rough start, but the loving home Taylor and Lottie provided aided the young German Shepherd to become the gentle and loving dog he is now. Grizzly soon learned how to be affectionate and warm because of Lottie.

The online world soon encountered this endearing couple after a video of Lottie hugging the grinning Grizzly went viral. Their owner’s voice was heard in the background, asking the Collie who her best friend was. Lottie immediately embraced Grizzly, declaring to the whole world that the younger dog was her best friend.

Grizzly may not have had a clue at first, but he soon got used to Lottie’s antics. Every time the Collie hugged him, he began to expect the warm embrace and leaned towards his sister. Remarkably, this was one trick their owner didn’t even have to teach them.

A warm hug always goes a long way. We all need one, once in a while.

Who's your best friend?Ft. Grizzly

Posted by Lottie on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Photos/Video courtesy of Taylor Duguay via Facebook


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