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Dogs are known to be cute and cuddly and lovely and quite the best source of fun and happiness for plenty of people around the world. Well, that is not surprising as dogs are said to have the mental capacity of a two-year-old human. So imagine having a toddler around. That is the same as having a dog around as a pet.

Dogs are also quite simple animals. They are very inquisitive and they would like to know more and they do this by exploring the world around them. Because they want to know more, they would dive deep into what they are trying to know about. Think about your dog going through everything in your house, especially in places where he does not need to be. That is his curiosity at work.

Although what dogs only need to do is be a good dog and eat and sleep and bring us happiness just by being themselves, they surely want to do more and know more.

Some dogs have a fascination for something. In this video, you would see the dog named Tucker have quite an interest in a head massager. Yes, that head massager you got at home. Tucker is seemingly quite curious about it.

According to his owner, Tucker has been showing his curiosity about this head massager that they got at home. He has sniffed it and tried to chew at it and play. Of course, the owners did not let Tucker have his way.

When the owners decided to let Tucker play with it, that was when the fun bit happened and was caught on video. He got a really hilarious and funny reaction that you would find yourself watching the video over and over and over again.

Watch it right here and have some fun.

Source: ViralHog


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