If you grew up in a family with a pet dog, chances are, you may have wanted to be the dog’s favorite. In this post, we will share with you a few tips on how you can become the number one favorite person of your furry friend.

You may wonder why on earth would your beloved canine be more attached to somebody other than you. After all, you are his primary provider of almost everything. Although this can be disheartening, your dog may just seem to prefer somebody over you. Yes, they love you, but they just love someone more.

Bonding at a young age

Just like with humans, kids tend to bond to their primary caregiver which is usually the mother. With dogs, they bond to the people who care for them especially during their socialization stage – this usually is the period from birth to six months old.

It is during this stage that pups are impressionable. They’re receptive and whatever social behavior they encounter at this stage will affect the way they behave for the rest of their lives. That’s why many experts will agree that as much as possible, help your pup enjoy his social interactions with new people, new places and new things.

Don’t worry if you adopted an older dog. It’s not too late to ‘convince’ him to make you his favorite person. Although socialization at an early age plays a significant role, continued and constant socialization in adult dogs can still matter a lot.

Give more attention to your dog to increase the bond

Who doesn’t want attention? If you give your pet your undivided attention, your bond with each other can become unbreakable. For instance, in a family of four, your canine will most likely bond to the person who feeds him, gives him water and takes him to fun-filled afternoon activities.

You don’t know the power of touch. Even humans crave it. Giving your dog not only your attention but also giving him lots of petting time, longer grooming sessions, hugging or cuddling; you would have definitely won the “most favorite person” award in the eyes of your pet.

Make the association a positive experience

This means that if you are the source of good things, such as treats and games, chances are, your dog will a form a bond with you effortlessly. But if you’re the source of bad things, like the giver of punishments, the withholder of fun things, then you are automatically the bad person.

Your personality plays a role, too

Dogs like to form a bond with someone who matches their level of energy and personality. If you happen to be strict and reserved, chances are, the dog that chooses you to be his favorite person also has the same personality. Moreover, some canine breeds tend to bond with a single person and that person will also happen to be the only person that they will ever bond with.

The bottom line is, always nurture and strive to have quality time with your dogs and not only because you need to feed and clean after them. After all your dog needs your affection too.


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