Some special needs cases are not as apparent as others. For some dogs, you might see them as perfectly normal at first glance, but they may need some extra support sometimes. This is the case for Lily, a Pit Bull with special needs.

Lily was only four months old when she was rescued. Fur Friends In Need found her from a backyard in Staten Island, New York; She was placed in a foster home after she was rescued. The adorable pit bull puppy was genuinely charming, and she was loved by many, and everyone in the foster home knew that someone would pick her to be a family in her soon to be forever home.

Lily loved to play with her foster family’s two dogs. They always cuddled and played a lot during Lily’s stay. Finally, somebody applied to adopt Lily. It seemed like a perfect match for Lily, so her foster family had to say goodbye to her as Lily went off to her new family.

Unfortunately, after five months, Lily was sent back to her foster family because the dog has some kind of special needs it seemed. This was something her foster family did not know about before.

While she was with her new family, Lily had started to show aggression towards new dogs who would approach her suddenly. Her family didn’t know how to handle her. At first, they tried to ignore the problem, but then it got worse. The family then decided to return her to the rescue.

Lily needs a new loving home again, with a family who will understand her challenges and is willing to work with her needs and overcome her challenges

Lily’s been in foster care for months now, and she has been working hard on her training. Her training includes how to become a more confident and calm dog around new situations. She is also being trained to become less reactive on a leash.

Lily seems to be enjoying her training, and best of all, she has been showing a great deal of progress. Her foster parents together withThe Franklin Angus Fund put up a fund-raising campaign to send her to a  dog behavior training program which would last for a month. Lily’s stay at the behavior training center has made a tremendous improvement in Lily’s behavior

Source: AnimalsWorld via YouTube


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