Dogs are very close to man that we treat them as a family. Most of us know them very well since they came into our lives since they were newborn. Most of us took them when they are grown ups already and sometimes we rescue or adopt an older pet. Nevertheless, dogs have common characteristics that what make humans love them more.

Below are some of the funny yet interesting facts about your pet.

1. They love playing

Puppies in nature love to hide and seek. Their favorite part is they hide and you will look for them and call their names.

2. They are fast learners

In fact they can learn up to 1000 human words.

3.Tailing wags

The more and the bigger they wag their tails, it is believed that your pet is nicer and kinder than the rest.

4. Tail movement

When their tails are still and upright, it is not an indication of wagging or being friendly. It is a sign that they are focused and excited at the same time.

5. Weight gain

Dogs gain weight in just a span of of four to five months. It will be the half of their desired weight. And for other half of their weight, it will took up to a year for them to gain it.

6. Sleeping hours

During their growing years, dogs tend to sleep more than the older pets. They can sleep 18 to 20 hours a day.

7. The way they smile

Just like a natural human, they can smile too by grinning. This means that they are more relaxed and accommodating.

8. When they get tired

Puppies can get tired too especially if they are outside for a longer period of time. If they are finicky, give them some rest.

9. Ear shapes

There are 2 dog ear shapes, the perky-eared and the floppy-eared. It is known that the perky-eared ones can hear better than the latter ones.

10. Releasing their happy emotions

A stroke or a gaze in their eyes means you care and love them. This will help release the happiness inside.

11. Nose prints

For humans, no 2 persons can have similar fingerprints. For dogs, they have their own unique nose prints as well.

12. Teeth count

Puppies consist of 28 teeth and older dogs have 42. While humans have an average of 32 teeth.

13. Age

When you wanted to have a pet, best age to have them would be 8 to 12 weeks.

14. Vision

Dogs can see clearer in the dark usually at dawn and dusk. They are not color blind but they can’t see the color red. They can see shade of black, white, blue and yellow.

15. Heat sensors

Newborn puppies are known to have heat sensors in their noses. This will help them find their mother dog since they are blind and deaf in nature that they were born.

16. Sense of smell

When dogs are panting and feeling heat, their sense of smell reduces 40 times the original state.

17. Sweat glands

Dogs are sweating through the pad on their feet because that is where their sweat glands are located.

18. Eyelids

Humans have an average of 2 eyelids, but dogs have 3. The third one keeps their eyes wet and covered.

19. Companionship

Dogs don’t want to be alone. They love the company of others. That is mainly the reason why they love to be outdoors to be with their families as well as with other pets around.

20. Dog as pets

If you want to be healthier, you can get a dog as your pet since they can help you lower down blood pressure by keeping you active.



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