It is really a sad feeling when someone you love is miles away from you. Distance and time can ruin our relationships but it is a sacrifice we need to do for us to follow our dreams. There are times that we need to be away to study abroad, for long time vacation and of course because our job is needing us to do so. It is during those times that we miss our families too much. We miss the times that we can touch them. We miss the times that we can hold and hug them. We miss the times that we can eat together with them and bond with them.

Not every emotions we feel is different from our pets. They are also longing for their owner’s homecoming. They are also longing for the time when they will finally meet us again. Our absence in their lives has also a huge impact to them.

Just like a 13-year-old golden retriever who is hard of hearing, unable to walk and even stand because of old age. Her owner was away for a few months due to a call of duty. Her owner is a soldier and needs to be away from home to defend her country. But Buddy, despite of being a handicap, it didn’t hinder her to show gratitude and happiness when her owner finally arrives. She was very delighted to see her owner. The feeling of a returning loved one from being away for so long is unexplainable. And Buddy is not exempted to to feel this way.

The video below sums up everything in this article. Her gesture truly shows how she misses her owner and how she is very excited to see her again. This sentimental video will make you cry.

Find out more of what happened by clicking the video below.

Source: YouTube by ABC News



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