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Kong, the poor dog, was sitting in front of one of his rescuers with that look in his eyes that cry for help. The canine hugged him as it bowed its head like it’s begging to be rescued. He was adorable beyond pain. That was a moment his rescuer could never forget.

The poor pooch named Kong is untouchable when he was rescued. He was in so much pain because his skin is covered in too much skin disease. It was difficult for his rescuers to place their hands on the poor dog when they found him. He was in an awful condition.

Kong was lucky because the people and staff at Border Collie Rescue & Rehab took part in giving this poor dog a fresh start in his life. Thank goodness!

Due to severe sunburn, Kong’s skin turned bright pink. Aside from that, this poor dog got other worse ailments as he arrived in an animal shelter in Oklahoma. In the shelter, this dog received medical treatment for all his illnesses. He was loved and get to interact with people through the staff of the animal shelter. Slowly, his real personality began to shine through in the process.

During Kong’s stay at the animal shelter, a man named Curtis Hartsell saw the poor dog’s picture and story on Facebook. Quite a luck, he was looking for a dog. In an interview with The Dodo, Curtis said that he was struck with the poor dog’s condition. He immediately fell in love with the single picture and description when he checked it out.

He immediately called the shelter and told them that he wanted to adopt Kong. Curtis immediately brought Kong home as soon as the background check and adoption papers were done. Kong was given a new home and a new name. His new name is after a famous Soviet space dog named ZIB.

What a lucky dog!

ZIB can now get all the love and care that he needs in his new loving home with Curtis. He gets lots of hugs from his new dad who loves him exactly just the way he is.

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