Lyla has always loved animals as she was growing up. At an early age, she has been taught to respect all life. Because of her love for animals, in 2006, she started adopting stray dogs.

It was not something that she planned to do; it just happened. She did not expect it to be as huge as it is now, either. When she adopted those stray dogs, she didn’t realize that it will make a significant impact on her.

Lyla realized that if these dogs don’t get adopted or she won’t take them in, they only have two options. Either they end up in another shelter or end up going back to the streets.

So Lyla decided to keep them all. Now, she nearly has twelve hundred dogs in her care. She has sheltered all of them at Territorio de Zaguates or “The land of the mutts and strays.”

Territorio de Zaguates is a three hundred seventy-five acre farm in Costa Rica. When Lyla and her husband decided that they needed a bigger location, this realized this was the perfect spot. Lyla inherited the farm from her grandfather.

It truly is a dog paradise as everyone is welcome here, and each dog even has a name. When a dog arrives, they are spayed and neutered first. At first, Lyla and her husband paid for everything.

Now, donations are coming in and are used to pay for dog food and veterinary care. Territorio de Zaguates is a no-kill, free-range shelter, and they need all the help they can get for the dogs.

Some of the dogs in this paradise get adopted. For those who don’t, they are welcome to live the rest of their lives there. This is one paradise that is saving thousands of dog lives.

Source Animalkind via YouTube


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