Have you ever experienced being so happy that you almost passed out? I haven’t, but this dog has! When you leave for a day at work, your dog already misses you so much that they always wait by the door so they can welcome you by the time you get home. Now, imagine how Casey the Schnauzer must be feeling when she saw Rebecca Ehalt, her human, after two years of working in Slovenia.

Normally, you would expect your pupper to bark a lot, wag their tail, or even jump on you when they feel excited. But in this case, she did all those things but she got so overwhelmed when she saw her human that she passed out!

According to studies, fainting caused by emotions in dogs is very rare but is not impossible. Especially in breeds like Dobermans, Boxers, Daschunds, and Miniature Schnauzers (like Casey).

One of the many reasons why dogs faint is when their heart rates change. The beats can either increase or decrease in rates. The change in heart rate in canines can cause a reduced flow of blood in the brain which can trigger the fainting. Overwhelming joy or excitement can cause a dog’s heart beat to go so fast that it causes the dog to pass out.

It is important for us to know that when your dog faints, we have to help them calm down so their heart rates become more normal. Help them by stroking them and talking to them more gently. Forcing the dog to recover and stand up quickly might just cause them to faint again.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to still bring your dog to the vet within 24 hours after fainting, even when you know the cause of it is their overwhelming emotions – as loss of consciousness can still be an underlying symptom of a more serious condition.

In this video, Rebecca got a little worried about Casey passing out so she still brought her dog to the vet just to be sure. We didn’t know our dogs can be such drama queens too!

Check out Casey’s video below:

Video Credit Rebecca Svetina


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