Dumped in a secluded area of Erie Canal in New York, the young dog desperately held onto life by hugging the driftwood she was tied to. Thankfully, a pedestrian noticed the poor Shepherd-husky mix and immediately contacted Rome Animal Control.

At the scene, the officer found out that the puppy was purposely tied to the log using her own lead. She freed the dog then brought her to Central New York SPCA (CNY SPCA) that handles cases of animal neglect and cruelty within the district.

“The log was submerged partially and River was hanging onto it. Her two front feet as well as her head, held up,” said CNY SPCA Humane Educator Dee Schaefer. “That entire area is currently under flash flood watch. She would have probably drowned had she been taken after the last weekend.”

River was understandably nervous but eager for affection. But in only two days, she warmed up to everyone at the rescue and has shown how sweet and wonderful she is. River liked everyone she gets to meet.

Only a year old, this white dog is a big ball of fun and energy. She’s ready and willing to play at any time. And in spite of what she has been through, River remained to be a happy and trusting dog. But still, staffers seek justice and impartiality for River.

Since River had no microchip, there was no immediate lead to her past life. The investigators released River’s photos through a local news channel hoping that someone will identify her or, at least, her owner. Before long, a reliable tip was received.

Photo Credits to Central New York SPCA

Allegedly, River’s owner paid someone $50 to dump her. Both were arrested and then charged with Class A misdemeanor due to animal abandonment. The owner, instead of bringing his unwanted dog to any of the 2 shelters in the vicinity, decided to dump and tie River up. Unfortunately, he thought he wouldn’t be in trouble for having someone do it rather than him.

Since being put up for adoption, CNY RSPCA has received quite a number of applications for adoption. And they are carefully choosing the best match for the lovely dog. They’ll make sure that River ends up with a family that will never have a change of heart.


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