Parents sometimes impose rules in the house, especially when the kids are still young. For example, they can say how much time their kids can spend in front of the TV, or how often they are allowed to play with their gadgets on school nights.

Sometimes the house rule is as simple as being on the dinner table together or not using phones during meal times. Parents establish house rules to maintain order in the home and to make the house a suitable living environment for everyone.

Naturally, fur babies in the family are not exempt in following house rules. In fact, sometimes there are house rules just for them.

Take, for example, the rule in the home of a dog named Lexi. For Lexi and her sibling dogs, there is one strict rule that they should follow: no going up on the couch.

The dogs in the family are not allowed to go up on the couch because other members of the family have allergies. Thus, Lexi and her sibling dogs know that the sofa is off limits.

However, for a stubborn dog like Lexi, there are ways to go around that order. Wanting so badly to be on the couch, she finally discovered a technique on how to be on the couch yet not be on the couch.

Lexi spotted a blanked draping from the couch to the floor. Using the blanket, she got up on the sofa with her two front legs while her hind legs remained on the floor.

In other words, the upper half of her body was leaning on the couch, but the lower half of her body was not. Technically, she was not ON the couch. Clever dog.

Mom caught her leaning on the sofa and couldn’t hide her amusement over the dog’s creative method to circumvent the “no couch” house rule.

Lexi stood there for a moment, her upper body leaning on the soft couch. She allowed herself to enjoy a few more seconds of being on the couch while not being on the couch, and then she dutifully obeyed mom’s order to get down.

She’ll probably think of another way to get around the couch ban.

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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