Arizona is known for its hot temperatures, especially during the summer. Having a dog chained outside of a property 24/7 is a form of animal cruelty.

That’s what Rusty Diamond has been experiencing. He has been chained outside of his home for the past 10-15 years. This is according to his owner.

A concerned citizen took notice of the dog and tried to approach. The dog was not so friendly as he would bark and snarl at her. She sat down and waited for the dog to relax.

When he was calm enough, she gave him treats and even petted him. It seems Rusty has never had any human interaction before. The woman did this every single day for weeks.

One day, the owner came out, and she informed the owner that Rusty’s situation is animal cruelty. The concerned woman insisted that she would not leave the property without Rusty.

Rusty’s owner decided to give Rusty to the woman as she was very persistent. He will be starting the life that he deserved.

He was brought to the vet where his whole health status was checked. His tumors were also assessed to make sure that they’re benign.

Rusty even got a much-needed bath. It might have been his first bath in years. So far, Rusty loves his new life. He was being showered with love, affection, and attention.

The woman who fought for Rusty knew she could not adopt him, and she only knew that she could not leave him in his old owner’s property.

Fortunately, a loving couple took on the job as Rusty’s adoptive parents. They took him in and gave him everything that he never had before.

Rusty even got along with his new brothers and sisters. Rusty is finally free from chains after so long.

Source Rumble Viral via YouTube


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