There are several reasons why people chain their dogs outdoors. After all, the act doesn’t seem to look like a crime right? Whatever the reasons may be, only a handful of dog owners keep their dogs tied outside. Several communities have already passed laws against chaining animals outside for long periods. Chaining a dog outside is a criminal offense.

Dogs are social animals. They thrive in a pack and need their human family for companionship. Studies suggest dogs that are friendly and generally happy if chained for long periods becomes aggressive, anxious and neurotic.

Furthermore, dogs that are chained tend to be forgotten. They are often deprived of food, vet care, and their emotional and social needs are generally ignored.

So when this guy from Phoenix, Arizona saw a dog chained outside, he knew he had to do something. Temperatures during summer can reach to 120 degrees, and the dog was chained out in the open. The man realized that for the last three years or so he had never seen anyone spending time with the dog, or even been released from his chains.

Hence, he decided he needs to befriend the dog. At first, he growls whenever the man attempts to get too close even if he was standing outside the fence. He proceeded to bring the dog some doggy treats and eventually the dog began to warm up to the man.

You can watch the clip below for the full story.

The man named the dog Rusty Diamond, and he vowed to rescue his new friend. You can see on the video the fantastic transformation of poor Rusty. He was shy, timid and angry. But when the chains were removed from him and were given all the affection and care, he needs they found out that he was a friendly dog.

Never chain your dog outside for long periods. They deserve our love and care. They need to be around their human family.

Source Jared Piper via YouTube


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