The very instant the rescuers arrived, Dermot was at his happiest. Having been trapped in a tiny wire cage in a farm located in South Korea, Dermot is only one of the more than 200 canines raised only to be slaughtered. But instead, they are being freed.

After 14 years of running a dog meat farm, the owner farmer finally decided to shut down its operation and start an herb farm instead. He contacted the Humane Society International (HSI) and by October 2018, the dogs are off to start the new chapter of their lives. And Dermot was the happiest.

All the cages were emptied within a day. The dogs then traveled to HSI’s rescue center where they received all the necessary medical attention and veterinary healthcare. They will stay at the rescue center until they are ready to fly to their new homes all throughout England, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States.

With a sweet look and a remarkable grin, a family from England immediately fell in love with Dermot. They looked at his photos and watched his video as he was being rescued from the farm. And instantly, they submitted their application to adopt sweet Dermot.

“We were in search of a rescue dog after losing two of our own because of old age,” explained Tracy Jones. “We saw HSI‘s success in shutting down the Taepyeong-Seoul meat farm through the Telegraph UK. And right away, I knew Dermot belongs to us.”

In December, the entire Jones family, after several weeks of waiting, met Dermot at last. The dog had a big smile when he met his new family and rested comfortably on the younger Jones’ lap throughout the 3-hour drive. It’s as if he’s been with them ever since.

Photo Credits to Humane Society International 

After being locked up for almost a year, Dermot’s back legs became weak. His family wasn’t sure whether a knee surgery would be necessary. Fortunately, the play and exercise he’s getting now help make his legs stronger.

“He still gets scared sometimes but overall, he’s one mischievous bundle of joy,” said Jones. “He loves playing with his toys, he adores going on a walk in the park, snuggling on the couch, and being carried when his legs get tired.”

In only a few months, Dermot’s life had gone from imaginably sad to incredibly delightful with a promise of one bright future. And obviously, he’s not letting any of his past take him down.


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