Ellie is a one-year-old Blue Lacy dog. Her family has lived near Dallas, Texas, and she was pleased.

Until she was suddenly surrendered to a local shelter. It was so sudden that all Ellie could do is hang on to the only thing that gave her comfort, her giant teddy bear.

She was scared of being in a shelter where everything was loud and near. All Ellie would do was cuddle up to her teddy bear. Ellie’s family did everything for her.

They gave her the necessary shots, got her spayed surgery and a microchip. It’s a big wonder for everyone why they would suddenly abandon her like that.

Thankfully, Ellie did not stay at the shelter for too long. Jennifer Jessup is a dog rescuer based in New York. She knew that her brother has always wanted to adopt a Blue Lacy dog so she called and told him about Ellie.

Before Ellie could travel to Florida, her papers need to be completed and ready. She was picked up by a friend who fostered her for a while until she will be able to travel.

Ellie’s new foster family took a picture with her without her teddy bear. She curled up in fear. That bear gives her the comfort that she needs.

When Ellie finally got to Florida, all she wanted to do was lie down with her bear. Her new family had other ideas. He spent the entire day with her hoping for them to bond.

Ellie has slowly calmed down, especially after getting a lot of attention and love from her new dad. Jennifer is assured that Ellie has found the perfect home.

They are hoping that in time, Ellie will realize that this family will not abandon her like her old one. This is her forever home.

Source Funky Smile via YouTube


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