Hearing stories of abuse was not new to Dr. Tara. She has been working with different abuse cases for years. Even with years of experience, Halsey’s story was the worst case of animal abuse that she has ever encountered.

Halsey was a pit bull puppy who has been through a nightmare. As a puppy, she has experienced horrible treatment from humans. When a rescue mission was set, the rescuers were shocked by what they saw.

Halsey was nearly unresponsive when the rescuers came to get her. She was found inside the house on the brink of death. She had a skull fracture, broken jaw, cracked ribs, and broken legs.

The scene was heart-wrenching that they rushed Halsey over to the vet clinic to be checked. Dr. Tara has been working with abused children in her job, and she works with abused dogs during her spare time.

When Dr. Tara saw Halsey, she was very determined to make help her. She promised Halsey that she would do everything that she could to make her life better again.

After a week of treatment and close monitoring from Dr. Tara, Halsey started to feel like an average dog again. If it were not for the rescuers and Dr. Tara’s help, Halsey wouldn’t make it.

Now this puppy is one happy canine as he is showered with love and care. Halsey still has a long journey for her recovery but is assured that she will get there.

Halsey has a great team backing her up, and she has the spirit of a survivor. Once Halsey is fully recovered, her team will find her a family that truly deserves her.

The rescue team will make sure that she is going to get the perfect family for her. She has gone through enough misery. Halsey deserves the best life can offer her now.

Source Animalkind via YouTube


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