Marshmallow and Scooby have always shared a kennel in the shelter. For months, they have been leaning on each other for love and support.

They have been the best of friends as they spent their time waiting for a forever family. That’s what both have been hoping for each other. When that time came for Scooby, it was not as easy as they thought it would be.

They have always wanted to be part of a family. They did not know how difficult it would be to be away from each other. When a loving family adopted Scooby, Marshmallow was left alone for the first time in months.

Marshmallow was inconsolable. She would keep crying knowing that her best friend won’t be there to share a kennel anymore. The staff felt for her.

The staff at Unleashed Pet Rescue posted Marshmallow’s story on Facebook. They were hoping that it would help them find a home for Marshmallow. The only way to fill the hole that Scooby left was for a loving family of her own.

When the rescue found Marshmallow, she was left chained outside. Her owners just abandoned her. This means that she did not get to have a loving family.

It’s about time that she gets one. She is a true survivor and deserves all the love that she could get. She finally has.

A great family has adopted her and is giving her the affection she needs, and more. Marshmallow was very excited to be in her new home.

Marshmallow even got a happy reunited with her best friend, Scooby. Both are now part of a loving family. They each have a forever family that they belong to.

These two best friends finally got the happy ending that they have been hoping for each other.

Source Funky Smile via YouTube


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