In the latter part of last month, Damian Macchi, a cross-country cycling aficionado in Argentina, set off a training ride as part of his daily routine. Everything seemed normal as he went on his usual way. However, on his way back home, something strange caught his attention. And little did he know on that day, he would become a hero.

Macchi was on his bike traversing a secluded dirt track when he happened to spot a tiny creature moving around the overgrowth. Because of its movement, Macchi did not immediately recognize what it was. He continued briefly but decided to stop as he sensed some concern. As he turned around to take a closer look, that’s when he realized he did the right thing.

Sure enough, what Macchi saw was a tiny puppy. Considering the location and having no one else around, the helpless pup was clearly abandoned by some heartless person. And if Macchi has decided to do otherwise, the little one surely will not last for long.

Evidently, the furry guy was thrilled that he has been found. Here’s the video of the encounter:

Rescate cachorra abandonada.

Rescate perro abandonado. licensing and usage, contact

Posted by Damian Macchi on Saturday, January 26, 2019

Video Credits to Facebook/Damian Macchi

And just like that, Macchi’s routine practice ride turned to one rescue mission. Quickly, he scooped the puppy up and proceeded to go back home, together. Thankfully, the pup escaped the hopeless fate that waited for her, and she’s happy she did with Macchi’s help.

Besides cycling, Macchi is also passionate about helping animals in need. In fact, he has had several involvements in more than a few dozen rescue missions. So after the checkup with the vet, Macchi shared the little one’s story to his followers online.

In a matter of days, the tiny dog found a home of her own. Macchi posted on his Facebook page, “The dog has been adopted. And her parents named her Juanita.”

Photo Credits to Facebook/Damian Macchi

Other than the tick treatment that she needed, Juanita is generally healthy and doing great in her new home. And Macchi hopes that Juanita’s story gets to encourage more people to try and find new homes for unwanted pets instead of discarding them.


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