After a weekend of carousing and partying, most people would be reluctant to face a bright Monday morning with open arms. It always seems that the pull of gravity when you’re in bed triples in strength during Mondays, making it extremely hard to get up. With the silent beckoning of your warm pillow and cozy blankets, good luck finding your way to work.

An internet celebrity in his own right, Zeus the Stubborn Husky is known for his vocal protests especially if it meant leaving his comfortable bed. His 119,000 YouTube followers bear witness to his antics, trying to negotiate his way out of doing anything his owner wanted him to do.

Huskies are known for their stubbornness and infamous whine that fairly resembles that of human speech. Zeus certainly upholds this reputation, from refusing to give up his front seat to protesting against going to the vet. Most of the time, he does get what he wants which gives him the confidence to try again.

His videos of temper tantrums and hilarious rants are a constant source of entertainment for his online fans. In this particular video, Zeus stares forlornly at his mom as she tries to convince him to get out of bed. He obviously would like to sleep in, refusing to leave the comforts of his warm bed.

Screenshot: YouTube/Zeus The Stubborn Husky

Zeus’ owner wouldn’t let up, repeatedly asking him to get up and get moving. His whines only got louder and more pointed, expressing his refusal. Even the promise of food didn’t sway him from his protests.

He finally does get up, only to stand his ground and continue his complaining. Boy, this old husky sure is stubborn! He’s lucky he’s adorable and hilarious enough to get away with it.

Watch the video below and see for yourself how this lovable husky tries to weasel his way out of facing his “Monday Blues.”

Via Youtube/Zeus The Stubborn Husky

Source: The Animal Rescue Site


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