One hot day in California, someone passed through a trash bin when this person heard cries. When that person checked the bin to see what it was, the person was shocked by the scene.

What they found was a burnt puppy. He was also unable to use his hind legs. The people who found her asked help from a nearby jewelry store.

Zazueta’s mother happened to be an employee of the store. Her mother called Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation to ask for help.

The foundation focuses on abused and neglected dogs. When they saw the pit bull mix, their initial assessment was that he was burned with a caustic substance or metal object.

He was only a few weeks old, but a portion of his tail was already cut off. He was also beaten and assaulted, which caused him to lose the function of his hind legs.

This little survivor has endured too much suffering and pain at a young age. Because of his condition, he is being treated at an emergency clinic where he is under a 24-hour watch.

Because of his burns, he was prone to infection. The medical team made sure that he gets the necessary treatment he needs.

The owner of McGrath Veterinary Center said that he would make a full recovery, but it will be a long one. No matter how long it would take, this little guy is fortunate to have so much support.

Zazueta has already decided to adopt him, and her family is ready even when he gets paralyzed. They are very eager to make him a part of their family. They are also excited to be waiting for the call that would say that their precious dog is ready for pick up.

This dog’s cry while he was in the trash just saved his life.

Source Funky Smile via YouTube


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