Kyle Rohrig is an avid hiker who loves to bring his dog with him trekking. However, the 83-day trek that he planned with his dog is something different for both of them. This is because his trusted companion is now blind.

Two hikers on a journey

Kyle and his Shiba Inu named Katana has always hiked together for long trails. They were even able to brave the Appalachian Trail together that spanned 2,200 miles. However, things turned to the worse when they were in the middle of another hiking trip. Katana had started to lose her vision.

This was because of Glaucoma that Katana started to lose her sight on her left eye. Kyle then decided to cut their trip short so that his dog can get the surgery she needs. Just before two years were up, Katana has lost vision on both eyes, and with that, brought on the loss of her confidence.

A new trail

After Katana’s vision loss, there was only one thing that Kyle could think of to help his dog regain that confidence that she had lost. This was to go on another hiking trip. He has had his eye on a trail through the Florida Wilderness for years, and because it was relatively flat, he decided that this would be a perfect adventure for them to take on.

During this memorable trip, Katana had started to gain back the confidence that she lost when she lost her sight. She was able to walk with her owner a few miles at a time while slowly going back to the curious and surefooted dog she has always been. When the trail was too dangerous, Kyle would carry his 21-pound dog on his back until they would reach safer conditions.

At the end of the trip, the distance that Katana was carried reached up to 800 miles, but the confidence that she got was unparalleled.

Check out their video:

Source: Media Drum World TV | Youtube


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