There are certain cases where a dog is deemed unadoptable because of its behavior. This was the case for Sophia. She was not fit to be with a family just yet.

Sophia was one of the dogs that were considered unadoptable because of her anxiety. Concerned dog lovers have rescued her from her situation. When they did, they did not realize the extreme trauma that she has been through.

Sophia’s anxiety was so severe that regular dog training would not be helpful at this point. She was so traumatized that she was terrified of being alone. When she is placed in a kennel, she will cry non-stop.

When a person would try to touch her, she would yelp and sometimes end up peeing. That was how difficult her situation was as Sophia pees from human touch.

Since the standard dog training was not enough to help her case, she needed a special behaviorist. Unfortunately, the person that could help her was miles away.

Thankfully, the people that rescued Sophia was willing to do everything they could to get her the help she needed. These kind-hearted people were able to find a pilot that could fly her to therapy.

Because of them, Sophia was getting the help that she needed. Sophia’s therapy is still ongoing, and she has already made a lot of progress.

When she finishes therapy, she will be a transformed dog. Sophia will be ready to receive and accept unconditional love. She will soon be adoptable and get a family of her own.

This goes to show that when people come together, no case is too severe that it can’t get better. That dog is too hopeless that he can’t be helped. Miracles truly happen when people unite. Sophie is a testament to that unity and wonder.

Source Animalkind via YouTube


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