A rescue mission saved nearly 600 animals. An illegal fighting ring was reported to the authorities by a concerned citizen. The Commission immediately investigated and confirmed the activity.

IGC means Indiana Gaming Commission and the cater to these kinds of situations. The fighting ring was catering to rooster fights and dogfighting. Animal fighting may be one if not the most heinous form of cruelty. People involved are allowing these creatures to fight for their lives as a form of entertainment.

ASPCA also helped in the rescue mission. The animals rescued had wounds that were consistent with animal fighting

All the animals have been removed from the said properties but the situation is still being examined thoroughly. If found guilty, the involved party will have to face up to two to five years of prison time.

A fee of $10,000 is also fined for this sort of crime. As the case is ongoing, the dogs are under the care of ASPCA. Because of a citizen who was concerned enough to call about the operation, 550 roosters and 9 pit bulls were saved. The dogs were even found lying in the mud. Not a conducive environment for the canines.

The superintendent said that if one would notice any illegal activity, it should be reported. It is easy to ignore what it going on in your surroundings.

No one can confirm yet how long the operation has been ongoing, but one thing is for sure, hundreds and hundreds of animals have been hurt during the process.

But nothing will change if you continue to ignore them. Do something, Report it to the right agencies. These agencies and organizations will make sure that these kinds of operations are shut down.

One call just rescued 559 animals. How many lives will be saved when you call?

Source Funky Smile via YouTube


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