Currently, we actually have hundreds of breeds of dogs all over the world. And as a pet owner it will be best if we choose dogs that are beneficial for the entire family. Though they have lots in common as a pet. It is still a best practice to determine which is the best that will fit your lifestyle, your mood, your finances and that will be easily accepted by your family. We can seek help to professionals for some advice but isn’t it great that you yourself should choose the right one?

Lets check it out and choose for yourself.

10. Bulldog

bulldog, english bulldog, pet

Though this kind of dog may not seem to be energetic, this is not recommended for those people or kids that love to play roughly. This will perfectly fit for sociable ones since they are very friendly with humans that is including strangers.

9. Beagle

beagle, dog, puppy

For those families who love outdoors and fun activities outside, this breed will be your perfect partner. They love to be outside and they never get tired of playing. Just be sure that you can keep up with their energy.

8. Bull terrier

isolated, bull terrier, white


They are mistakenly known as an aggressive dogs but they are very calm in nature. They are also friendly and loving so they will be best for a companion as well. They have higher tolerance for pain so they will fit best to active children who loves to ramble.

7. Collies


border collie, dog, british sheepdog

Classified as gentle and well mannered, this kind of breed is the best for people who is not so familiar with dogs. If it is the first time you wanted to have a dog for a pet, Collies will be the best option since they barely misbehave and training for them will not be a hassle for you.

6. Newfoundland

newfoundland, dog, black

They are considered as one of the smartest breeds in the world. They can also be easily trained. As a matter of fact this kind of dogs are very good in swimming thus they are used as life savers. Not only that, this breed are very kind to children. So if you want a babysitter then you may consider having a Newfoundland in the house.

5. Viszla

dog, viszla, brown

This is one of the breeds that require more physical activities. So this will fit for those families that live an active lifestyle because exercise is a ” thing ” for them. They are lively yet gentle. They are obedient, smart and outgoing as well.

4. Irish setter

irish setter, dog, fur

It is a combination of a dog who loves to be inside the house and a dog who loves outdoors as well. So this will suit families who can be fun inside and outside the comforts of their homes. This breed is also playful and energetic and goes along well with people.

3. Poodle

standard poodle, puppy, brown dog

This cutie unique haired dog is a one of a kind. Not only because of their physical appearance but also because of their unique personality. There are 2 kinds of poodles, standard and miniature which has slightly different characteristics. Standard poodles are playful and love to be with people. Miniatures are very loyal to their only owner though they may get along well with other pets and humans. So it is for you decide which one to choose.

2. Labrador retriever

labrador retriever, dog, animal

This is a very amiable dog thus they are very friendly with anyone they meet, be it humans or pets alike. They are patient, loving and dependable. They also loves outdoors so they will be good for families that love to be outside too.

1. Golden retriever

dog, golden, retriever

This breed is very intelligent and loves to play outside. They are very caring and loyal. This is considered as an extremely patient dog so this will perfectly match for your kids. Though they love outside but they prefer just bonding with the families inside the house.



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